Meet the Team


CEO Gavin Walsh

Leadership is not about titles, positions or bubbles charts it’s about one life influencing another. Success isn’t the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you’re doing and you work hard you will be successful.

— Gavin Walsh, CEO

What’s your background?

I was brought up in an army family so I never really grew up with a place I could call “home”. I grew up in Blackpool, London, Germany, Northern Ireland, Liverpool and Leeds. My father served 26 years in the armed forces and my mother is in the education sector. I’m the oldest of two children. I studied applied sports psychology at Liverpool John Moores University, England, I gained precious life experience while at university but after graduating I didn’t see myself going down the Psychology route.

What roles have you had before opening MarketStorm Global Limited?

I’ve had a wide range of experience before in my career from Football (Soccer), Bar work, Night club promotions where I developed the majority of my interpersonal and communication skills and most recently I’ve worked in direct sales and marketing field sales roles. I grasped that role really quickly and excelled in customer acquisitions this is what gave me the self-belief that I could develop and build a career working with people.

What motivates you?

I am motivated by success and competing to be the very best I can be. Success to me is having the freedom and the self-fulfilment of being proud of what you do, and of course with that come the financial benefits! I constantly strive to develop myself and those around me to be the best. I was brought up from a very young age with the belief that nobody ever remembers second best, and that failure is not an option. I want to give back what I was given in childhood plus more so I push myself every day to be in a position to do that.

What are your goals?

My goals are to give those around me the same opportunity I was given. It can be very easy to be caught up in your own successes, but I firmly believe success is decided and based on how successful you make others. I aim to do this by passing on my knowledge and experience by investing my time and expertise into those who surround me.

I want to develop, grow and continue to expand MarketStorm Global in the US, continue with the expansion in the UK and Europe while making sure we build solid foundations and a core for continued success and growth; and while doing this developing those around me. I want to take my family on an all-expense paid holiday. However, the destination is going to be “unknown” as I do not want to ruin the surprise!

Short Term – The immediate focus is to continue to help everybody within the company achieve their yearly goals within the last quarter of this year and for us an organization to achieve our 12 locations goal.

Mid Term- Within the next 2-3 years I am wanting our business to be in at least 25 states from East Coast to West Coast. I want to have retired my family, as well as adding 6-8 properties to my portfolio.

Long Term -Business wise I want a 150 office strong organisation with offices in the USA, South America, the UK and Ireland, Europe, Australia and Dubai within the next 4 years. The goal is simple, to help develop individuals to achieve their goals and aspirations. Success is setting a goal and achieving it, no matter how big or small. Personally, I want to be able to completely change my family tree and to be in a position to set my future family up for the rest of their lives, while taking my family to each continent of the globe visiting and sightseeing the seven wonders of the world! There is so much to see in the world, I feel we’re very limited in knowledge of what is out there, seeing is believing!

What are your hobbies?

Since moving to the States I’ve been an avid fan of Miami Heat, and the New York Mets Baseball team. However my passion will always be to to watch my beloved Huddersfield Town F.C (Soccer). Having played both professional and semi-professional football, of course I am still attached, so if and when the opportunity arrives I play football, while working out in the gym when I get chance, healthy body, and healthy mind. I love catching up with my family members being in a military background there is such a unique and special bond you develop, so I visit my family at every opportunity I get. I love socializing I follow the ethos work hard, play harder.

Nina Dispenza

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.

— Nina Dispenza

My name is Nina Dispenza, and I grew up on Long Island, New York. My objective in life has been to help change the world. Growing up my parents always told me I could do whatever I wanted to as long as I put my mind to it. I still live by this, and ever since I was young I wanted to have a positive impact on the universe.

As I grew up I came to the realization that I might not be able to change the whole world, but I could change lives, one person at a time.

I went to St. Joseph’s College in New York and studied psychology. After going into the field working in the hospital, I realized I would not be doing what I really wanted to do, which was help people. I am a firm believer that you have to do what you love and you will never work a day in your life, so I started looking for a career that would allow me to fulfill my childhood goals.

I began learning the industry in New York, and expanded to open the Miami location. After falling in love with the city of Miami, I chose this location as the home to my business Prana Promotions. I have multiple reason for opening Prana – Firstly, I love being able to let my creative side run wild. Secondly, it has brought me into a position where I can provide opportunity for others who are in need or are looking to better themselves, just like I was.

My proudest moments since I have been here were seeing others accomplish their training programs. Knowing what they did to achieve that, and knowing how they have accomplished something that will positively change their lives is an amazing feeling to have.

I will be expanding the Prana name back up to New York, and across the United States. We do not have an end goal in sight because there is so much that we can accomplish, and so many cities to open up. We will be to marketing as breath is to life.

Jaemes Hunt

Hard work beats talent, when talent won’t work hard.

— Jaemes Hunt

My name is Jaemes Hunt. I was born in Toowoomba Australia but raised my whole life in Leeds, England. Growing up I was always ambitious and wanted a lot for my family. I graduated from Huddersfield University with a BA (hons) in Drama & Media and was a front man in a successful band in the UK.

My love of Ice Hockey enabled me to sign pro at 21 years old where I played 3 years as a forward all across England, Scotland and Wales. My career wasn’t really earning me any money, so being a huge car nut I started working at a local go-kart track.

After working there for 2 years it hit me that I had slipped away from achieving my goals. That is when I found this opportunity.

A fully performance-based business seemed like a dream as I hated the lack of control in previous jobs. Controlling my pay, progression and learning was why I started. Direct marketing was something I had no experience in and felt out of my comfort zone, but the coaching provided, and a great student mentality, allowed me to quickly earn great money and progress. I started in the Leeds office managed by my mentor, James Sagar.

I had many obstacles in my career as, during my training program, my right lung collapsed on 3 separate occasions, which put me in hospital 5 times to undergo major surgery. I was still able to complete the training program and ran my first office in Leeds working with non-profit organizations.

My proudest moment was after all the health issues, where I was performing my management speech in front of a large crowd including my mom and my girlfriend. My biggest piece of advice is, “get comfortable being uncomfortable.”

You learn from your mistakes so don’t be afraid to push yourself.

Joshua Clark

All men of action are dreamers.

— Joshua Clark

Joshua Clark is an American business owner and entrepreneur from Madison, Connecticut. After majoring in Mathematics aged 21, he joined the US Military in October 2001 where he worked on the Hunter and Shadow unmanned aircraft systems. Joshua served six years in the military and served two tours, one in Iraq and one in Afghanistan.

After achieving the rank of Sergeant in the military, he began to work as a government contractor, where he started working as a weapons systems analyst and gradually progressed to building a program and managing a team of over 100 staff. Joshua left his program management position with the Government in pursuit of entrepreneurship, having always dreamed of owning a business after growing up in his father’s auto body shop.

After spending nine months working in field sales and learning the basics of marketing and management, he opened his marketing company, Labyrinth Global, in October 2016.

Joshua aims to be expanding from Chicago into both New England and Portland within the next six months.

Kris Reinard

My name is Kristopher Reinard and I grew up the only child to Tom and Pam Reinard. I was born in Buffalo NY but shortly after moved with my parents and the military all around the US. My upbringing was exciting and rife with change. I grew accustomed to moving and changing friends, locations and schools. The skills I developed in my childhood helped to build me into the adult I have become.

I have always had great role models in my mother and father. My father taught me the importance of hard work, integrity and motivation. My mother taught me how to be a compassionate person who understands the meaning of dedication and humbleness. I went to college in LaPlata, MD and Fredonia, NY where I achieved a bachelors in Psychology and Sociology. Having always been extremely passionate about math and science lead me to focus my studies on the hard sciences. After struggling at first in my pursuit of my degree, I was able to overcome my shortcoming in my education and succeed by graduating with honors in 2012.

My professional background is diverse and uninspiring. After several jobs in the service industry and bouncing between menial jobs I eventually moved to Hallandale Beach, FL to become a salaried manager at Wal-Mart. The position required me to manage over 90 individuals and run a store that profited over 120+ million in profits per year. My specific store was the most profitable in the market and per square foot, was the most profitable store in the company. It was a high pace, high stress job that really sharpened my leadership, time management and organization skills.

However, I was extremely dissatisfied and fed up with the corporate politics involved in the company. I was displeased with the management in my store and the management structure in the company. This frustration led me to take a bold move and walk away from a comfy $70,000 salary and pursue my own financial freedom.

I joined the sales industry in January, 2015. Since joining I have been able to pursue my passion of traveling while developing my skills in leadership, management, public speaking and personal mentoring. I have developed close personal relationships with true entrepreneurs and have become my own boss. I have learned the importance of owning and building your own business. I have moved to Chicago to help promote and grow my business and am excited about the future expansion with this company and my office.

My future goals are to open an office in Colorado, Seattle and San Diego. I love the outdoors, I love being active and I absolutely love standup comedy. I plan to fulfill all of my personal hobbies and passions within the next 3 years. This year has been an adventure that I would happily do over again. I look forward to the next year of personal and professional growth and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me.

I am excited to help develop and mentor others to the level of success I plan to achieve.

Marques Aiken

My name is Marques Aiken I was born July 8, 1991 in Fort Lauderdale Florida from the very beginning I was raised in a family oriented environment by my two parents and my six siblings. I was raised in a 9 to 5 family oriented environment but one thing my parents always encouraged me to do was to find your own way to be self-employed and the only way to be truly stable is to be your own boss.

One of the first life lessons I was taught that you work for what you wanted and my parents always informed me that nothing is given. From a very young age that was the path that I decided to take, everything I wanted I put in the action, I put in the effort, and followed through with a student mentality to perfect my craft.

My initial life choice was to play American professional football so that was the destination I set my eye’s upon, I attended Boyd H Anderson high school small city in Broward county called Lauderdale Lakes, Florida, I was a three year varsity stand-out which earned me a full-scholarship to Marshall university a small town in West Virginia, during my four year tenure (2009-2012) I also had the opportunity to receive my Bachelor’s degree in marketing with a minor in business finance, shortly after my graduation I had the opportunity to expand my career and play my final year (2012-2013) in Cincinnati, Ohio, for the university of Cincinnati, where I earned my Masters in business marketing, (2014) had a short stint with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

As you can see my chapter ended with the Jacksonville jaguars, but I didn’t see that as an opportunity to take my foot of the gas because my plan A didn’t go correctly, I didn’t have a plan B at the time, because dedicating 17 years of my life to a sport that offered to stability but offered the opportunity of a life-time I was willing to give all I had, and although my vision had changed but my purpose stayed the same.

After football I found myself looking for jobs, that society deemed acceptable, so I took a job for a Miami based Contractor Company and I was in charge of their finances, and I found myself becoming everything I said I would. After 3 months I decided that people were my real passion and I found myself in f2f communications with a focus in retail events and promotional advertisement, working directly with Gavin Walsh, 10 months of watching him become a pioneer and pillar of promotional advertising in Miami, and also watching him expand out to various locations in the United States, I saw myself becoming adequate at the industry and developing into an assistant manager.

I have now also created the opportunity to expand to Seattle Washington, mid-march of 2017 and open up my first location. It would be an understatement to say I envisioned this amount of growth and development in a years’ time, but I’m thankful for the mindset that I have encountered in this industry and the mind-boggling part is there is so much more to be accomplished.

Rizi Khan

If you are not willing to risk the usual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.

— Rizi Khan

I am an African-born investor, business owner, entrepreneur and attorney. I grew up in Nairobi, Kenya and in 1997 I moved to Miami, Florida where I completed college culminating in a quad degree from Florida International University.

It was during these years that I became interested in the psychology of law as well as the economics associated with small business.

After graduating with honors, I was accepted to Vanderbilt Law School where I specialized in corporate and transactional law. During this time I focused on improving my public speaking, business acumen, and work ethic. These were the skills I saw as being critical to assuming a leadership role post-graduation.

In late 2015, I decided to jump-start my marketing career from scratch with Gavin Walsh and Tofiq Bolwala at MarketStorm Global in Miami. I had never participated in a sales driven position prior to the start of my career; the atmosphere in Miami was so energetic and motivating – I loved the opportunity to get to know all the different personalities. Shortly thereafter I moved to Chicago in order to help launch F.A.S.T. Global Marketing with Tofiq Bolwala and was promoted to assistant manager three and a half months after moving away from Miami.

My proudest moment thus far is promoting my first assistant manager. Getting a chance to watch someone who I personally brought into the business grow and develop to eventually reach out and accomplish their dreams has been the biggest reward.

My advice to anyone who is looking to progress – Always sharpen your student mentality; the wisest leaders were once the wisest students.

Ryan Tracy

The greatest students seek the wisest masters.

— Ryan Tracy

Born in North New Jersey, I studied pre law in Miami and then changed degree to Philosophy. I had the opportunity to study in Kyoto, Japan for 6 months, learning Japanese Buddhism in the temples. I then returned to the USA and graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Florida Atlantic University.

Outside of school I was looking to learn and build my career transferable skill sets directly from a master in their field and have the opportunity to compete.

I was given my opportunity 8 years ago in an office in Miami with Sara Beth Cote on B2B for Quill Office Supplies. I then moved to London to work with VP Josh Cote, 7.5 years ago, who is my direct leader under whom I was promoted in 18 weeks to Assistant Management. I then opened an office in Sheffield with James Sagar as my partner. We had extreme success there, making 90k in 10 months and saving 36k. I was promoted to manager and earned a reputation which saw me move to Madrid to work with VP Justin Cobb to help launch in Spain.

I volunteered to go back to the field where I successfully re-built a crew in 4 months and re-qualified as a first generation to Justin Cobb. I then ran an office in Madrid for 15 months before being invited to help open up in Portugal under VP Christoph Grizzard.

From that day I am fortunate enough to have lead and have built a team organically in Portugal which consisted of 14 owners, 5 Assistant Managers, in 8 cities, representing 6 national campaigns where we have 185 scoring and 200 selling on a daily basis over 5 years.

My Short Term Goals are to hit Regional Director for Portugal. I moved to Miami this year and opened up OmniFortuna, Inc. for the USA market. My Mid Term Goal is therefore to promote and open 10 owners in Florida in the next 24 months – 1 owner for each of the major 10 cities in Florida and state-wide blanket the market. That progress should see me hit VP criteria before the end of 2018. My Long Term Goal is to help, as a VP, take Portugal to 1,000 selling, 40 owners before 2020 and reach 50 owners in the USA markets (Florida, Texas, California) before 2020 as well. I would also like to public speak internationally and consult after.

Tan Chowdhury

Originally from Stevenage, I never came from the most affluent of backgrounds. My Dad a struggling business owner and my Mother holding down part time jobs while caring for three kids. I always saw the kids around me having the newest clothes, trainers, going on holidays and having the latest gadgets which naturally drove me to being ambitious, so I can provide for 6 siblings.

I played rugby for the local team for 10 years and took part in county athletics competitions which led me to become super competitive in my teens. My passion has always been technology so I took part in all the engineering activities and took part in all the extracurricular activities which then landed me in a training program with MBDA Missile systems who made weapons and defense systems for various governments around the world, where I trained to become an Electro-Mechanical engineer (rocket scientist some may say) I spent almost 5 years with the company. I achieved my goal of making more money than anyone I went to school with but didn’t enjoy the lifestyle of an engineer.

I have always liked the idea of working for myself but I had no idea how to run a business so I left that industry and decided to take up University to study Business Management. Then I decided to leave after one year, the Social aspects of University life is great but I didn’t agree with the education because I had failed business owners teaching people how to run businesses, and educating me about how business was conducted 50 years ago. I felt that business is something that is always changing and wanted real world experience in the area.

Looking for work I had an opportunity to work with an Outsourced Sales and Marketing office. Originally starting in the business so I could learn how to sell, and thought direct marketing would be perfect as it is the hardest form of selling. I have always been told selling is a vital skill because we are constantly selling ourselves, whether it’s a product, idea or personality.

Looking back so far I have gained sales experience and an abundance of other knowledge such as Interviewing, Motivating and Managing a team, Development of individuals, Events management, Public speaking and on track to learning how to run a business. On top of that I have met some incredible people and business partners along the way. And I am more than excited about what the future holds!

Moving forward my goals are to open my first office within the UK, having the ability to provide the same opportunity to others eventually running an office in the states then opening offices with in Europe eventually finding my way to Australia generating multiple sources of income. Long term I’d like to start investing into property, fashion and the technology sector.

Tofiq Bolwala

It’s not the start it’s the beginning.

— Tofiq Bolwala

My name is Tofiq Bolwala, and I grew up in a small town named Edison in central New Jersey, born on the 10th of November 1989. Starting from an early age, I was raised to do the norm, which was go to a good school, graduate, and find a job from 9-5. Rats race, they call it. Yet, I was never exposed to the different opportunities out there willing to be taken.

Since the age of 8, I was playing all kinds of sports with my friends, especially soccer. I knew it wasn’t my ticket to success, but at a young age, we think the unthinkable. At that moment, I knew only to win. That competitive drive has only increased since then.

    I attended the University of The Sciences, a small school in Philadelphia, and got my Bachelors in Health Science along with my MBA in Pharmaceutical Business and Healthcare. Immediately after, I got the exact job I wanted at a pharmaceutical company called Pfizer. After almost a year of working there, I realized the dreams I made throughout my life were never going to be fulfilled unless I had:

  1. High potential Earnings.
  2. Professional Growth with full control of it.
  3. Own and operate my own business.

I left that career behind and one month later, I found myself working for a direct sales company which offered all the above. I knew it had nothing to do with pharmaceuticals but I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. Ever since then I never looked back…

I started in the office in New York City under the mentorship of Gavin Walsh In Justin Cobb’s office. Shortly after, Gavin expanded to Miami and I was one of the 12 individuals to join him on the expansion. My progression was swift to say the least as I did get promoted to assistant manager after 20 weeks in the business.

During my journey so far, I opened my first office in Chicago in March 2016. Since then I’ve promoted out 2 managers, Josh Clark and Rizi Khan. Furthermore, I expanded out to Indianapolis and wish to promote out 10 more offices by the end of 2017.

My proudest moment in the business was having my parents come down to Miami for my promotion and seeing nothing but pure happiness on their faces. The best part is that this is only the beginning…

Will Atkinson

My name is Will Atkinson, I was born in Scarborough, United Kingdom. My father runs a power solutions company in the UK called AAC Power Solutions, which provides power to high profile events around the UK. My goal was to take over his company in the future…

I studied Events Management at Leeds University, and then started working for my father, but decided it wasn’t for me, to take over the company without my name and my logo etc.

I decided to pursue a career in the bar and restaurant industry, I loved it because I was able to talk to people on a daily basis, I got promoted to the management positions in the industry pretty fast but I realized I could not make as much money as I wanted to because I could never grow through the company and maximize the earnings.

I decided to travel Europe, visiting cities such as Rome, Venice, Hvar (Croatia), Prague, Budapest, Vienna, Amsterdam and Berlin. When I came back to the UK I realized I needed to build a career and give myself the opportunity to grow through an industry that I loved.

I started the company in Leeds, United Kingdom on the cosmetics campaign working within business to events under one of the managers under the mentorship if Mr. Walsh, I got promoted to the management position in 10 months, during this time Mr. Walsh was expanding the company globally, and I decided to expand through the company to America and grow through numerous offices nationwide.

My goals in the future are to expand the company to California. Myself and my father are huge Formula One supporters and we are going to visit every race globally before I am 30. Finally my long term goal is to open a exclusive cocktail bar in the Gold Coast, Australia and expand to be a number one cocktail bar globally.

Dan Coolican

Do today what other people are not willing to do, so tomorrow you can do what others dream of.

— Dan Coolican

Before the business I was heavily involved in the forces, I was a junior sergeant within my platoon training for the parachute regiment. I had the pleasure of training, motivating and learning alongside some of the greatest characters I have ever met.

This laid the foundation of what having a true strong mentality requires, the place where adversity is faced again and again is where winners are born. Even before I went into the army in school I use to hustle and sell chocolate bars and energy drinks to kids in school I had 10-15 people working for me at one point and that was pretty funny as I was scaring the teacher with how many people would come to me rather than use the school cafeteria. I never really enjoyed school, sitting in a class and listening to people that haven’t really done anything with their own professional careers didn’t motivate me so I knew I was going to have to find one thing that inspired me to strive for greatness if I was ever to become a success.

My motivation has always been people. I grew up in a deprived area and not the most secure environment for a child, seeing how those around me had been stuck in this vicious cycle of mediocrity impacted me greatly. To see those who are meant inspire you as a child to just accept their circumstances really propelled me into living a life that anything I dreamed of I could have in reality.

During my short but action packed time within the industry I have had the opportunity to travel to some pretty cool places from Barcelona to New York, London to Miami, Poland to Amsterdam and various different locations I have treated myself to in ownership, none of which I would have thought possible if I listened to the people that didn’t share the same goals and ambitions as myself.

My goals are simple: Short term – Open another office in the UK & get back into Boxing and start MMA. Mid term – Competing with my own promoting owner Gavin Walsh in the USA. Long term – Utilise the extensive network I have built over the years to start investing in other incredible companies.