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Brandlective® have worked as Bioceutica‘s lead online marketers for the past 2 years. After successfully cementing a clear brand identity across the digital landscape, Bioceutica called upon Brandlective® to brainstorm, plan, design and implement their #JustSayYes marketing campaign aimed at attracting new consultants to join their network marketing empire.  Since beginning in the mid 1990’s, Bioceutica has grown to become a huge national phenomenon within the nutritional supplement industry. The business was established in response to a growing concern among consumers about the ‘one size fits all’ nutrition and vitamin supplements available across the US.


Brandlective® identified the cleaning firm’s company name was also being used by various other cleaning companies across the UK and made the suggestion to rebrand as JC London Cleaning for 3 reasons:

  1. To provide a location identifier (eg. London) to ensure customers who search for the brand name could easily recognise / find the correct business
  1. To take advantage of the SEO value a location marker offers the business (Google uses Business Names as a Local Ranking Factors)
  1. Because the brand name domain name could be obtained

The re-brand strategy was based around forming a clear USP for JC London Cleaning.  That being, a local SME offering cost-effective commercial cleaning services in central and south east London. Being branded as a trustworthy and reliable cleaning company was very important to JC London Cleaning.


Brandlective® created a brand strategy that focused on geo-targeting. A fresh, sparkling colour palette in blue was devised based on its associations with trust, honesty and loyalty, and this was applied meticulously throughout the re-brand.  A consistent brand voice and industry related imagery were used across the logo design, website creation and through great quality print materials has aided JC London Cleaning to successfully reposition itself for the London market.


Brandlective® was able to capture JC London Cleaning’s essence which was applied to create cohesive branding.  New direct mail marketing materials were produced offering a focused call-to-action. A simple one-page brochure style website was launched, giving JC London Cleaning’s customers a platform to visit and bookmark online after receiving a flyer via the direct mail campaign.


‘I love our new company brand. Before working with Brandlective we looked small and rough.  My marketing material was inconsistent which impacted my ability to bring in new clientele.  Hiring Brandlective to rebrand my cleaning business has significantly improved my businesses opportunity for growth.  My new flyers and business cards look amazing and match my website, in this industry consistency is something that builds trust with my customers and gives them the confidence to also refer me to other business customers‘. 

– Juan Carlos

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